Congratulating people through social media on public dates

In order to congratulate a person on some public event online in a pleasant and polite manner, you should remember several crucial rules. They are especially needed if you want to avoid any awkward situations for yourself and the person you would like to congratulate.

Differentiate public events from private ones

The very first step is to understand the difference between private events and public events. There are several reasons why it is so important. First of all, depending on a particular type of an event there are preferable ways of delivering your congratulations. Also, such differentiation is required in order to make sure a person really celebrates such events.

Even though it is pretty obvious, you still should know that birthdays, wedding anniversaries and graduation from university are all private celebrations whereas national holidays are universal. Still, it is important to consider whether these universal dates are actually celebrated by the one you would like to congratulate on them. Do not also forget about national holidays which are still pretty specific, for example, days dedicated to particular occupations.

Make sure the person you would like to congratulate is actually celebrating the holiday

It is extremely important to make sure a person you are willing to congratulate on some public event, actually has a positive attitude to it. This might not be so obvious especially if you do not know this person pretty well. For example, Catholic Christmas is one of the major traditions in the Western countries even though there are many people who actually do not believe in any religious meaning of this date. Still, even though it might be a pleasure for them to have a celebration at this day, there are still some people who might feel rather negative about receiving wishes on a religious holiday.

Another example are all of the holidays related to the military events. Even though such national holidays are usually pretty significant for different countries, people might have different attitude towards them. You should really make sure a person is celebrating such a date before you share your wishes with him or her.

Do not post your wishes on the profile of another person

Even though it is common to make posts with congratulations directly on the profile of a particular person regardless of whether the holiday is national or it is some personal event, it is highly recommended not to do it. Some people might tell you that since another person has not switched the function allowing other users of a social network to public posts on their profile, means you have a complete right to do it, you should think twice before you decide to do it.

Indeed, a person might have not switch such posts off, but you still do not know whether he or she prefers receiving congratulations in such a way. Are you going to make the wishes in order to make this person feel great or annoy the one? It is always better to stay on the safe side by texting people directly even with the kindest of your intentions.

Do not tag people on public posts

Unfortunately, an innocent wish to congratulate each and everyone on your friend list with a nice post dedicated to a particular holiday by tagging them is not necessarily a good idea. The problem is that these people will receive notifications at any moment anyone leaves a comment under such a message which can be rather annoying.

Refrain from creating chats with all of your friends for congratulations

Some people prefer creating one chat with all of the people they would like to congratulate on some date. This might seem like a good idea, however, in the reality there are several issues because of which it is better to avoid such practice.

First of all, it actually makes many people feel weird or even uncomfortable. That is so since all of them are your friends, albeit most of them might not know each other. Receiving multiple notifications with comments from strangers can really annoy the majority of receivers of such wishes. In addition to it, they might be notified anyone someone leaves the chat.

Another crucial disadvantage of such way of delivering your wishes to others is that it is still pretty obvious that instead of writing personalised wishes to all of the friends, they are treating just like a mass with such massive congratulations. There is nothing valuable in such wishes.