What should you know about the energy consumption in your smartphone?

Keeping a smartphone working for a longer time is one of the major challenges every modern phone user is facing. Indeed, the entire fantastic choice of function available to phone users today actually causes a lot of trouble to the battery reducing the time between charging sessions. At the same time, many people are just not aware of many important facts regarding the battery of your device. The knowledge of them can easily help you keep your phone running for a longer time.

Any operations your phone is preforming require energy

The very first thing you should understand about your phone is that none of its functions will work without energy. It means all of the functions available in your phone are using its energy which makes you charge your device over and over again.

One of the popular myths people have about the batteries of their phones is that only games and massive programmes for example photo or video editors require a great amount of energy and resources. Of course, the exact amount of the energy they are taking is greater than it is in the case of majority of other apps, however, it is crucial to understand any operation performed by the device requires energy no matter how resource-consuming it is. Even if the total energy used by a particular function of your phone is not too great, you can imagine what will happen when all of such functions sum up. Undeniably, the more of them are running, the less energy is left in your phone. That is why it is crucial to keep a track of all of the processes taking place in your device if you really want to prolong the time of work of your smartphone between the charging sessions.

Some of the processes and functions available in your device which you might have not even thought about are vibration whether it happens during receiving a notification or while you are typing a text as well as the function for automated adaptation of brightness on your phone.

Special apps for battery optimisation are of no use

So now you know that any process which is taking place in your device requires energy. One of the obvious solutions for many people to reduce the number of unwanted processes is by installing one of the battery saving apps available on the market.

Unfortunately, such a decision is not helpful at all. Such apps are keeping a track of the processes taking place in the system and they are indeed capable of closing them down. Yet, the problem is that many of the processes are actually required by the system itself and shutting them down will make the system start them over and over again which will use even more energy. A similar situation can happen to other apps installed on your device.

On top of that, having such an app running on your phone without a stop is itself an energy-consuming process since the programme will have to keep a track of everything you have on your device. This can severely drain your battery.

The apps you are not using are still receiving the energy of your smartphone

One more crucial fact about smartphones and their batteries you should be aware of is the constant usage of the energy of your device by the apps which you are not using at the moment. Of course, by this moment you have already realised there are background processes consuming energy, however, it is also important to understand all of the apps you have ever installed will be looking for updates online and from time to time they will receive the updates and install them.

In practice it means that if you are installing various apps just because you like them and without any particular plan to actually use them, this can lead to a situation in which your battery will be heavily drained out by all of them searching for updates and sending you their notifications. While you can turn the notifications off which is strongly recommended unless you really need them, it will be more difficult to stop your apps from looking for updates.

The thing you can really do is to be more selective when it comes to installing apps and keeping them on your phone. Do not think you can afford doing it even if you have a lot of free space on your smartphone as it is not enough for the efficient work of your device. Keep only those apps on your smartphone which you are actively using and whenever you are unsatisfied with a particular app, it is highly advised to uninstall it right away and not to keep it for later.