When are USB flash drives a better alternative to cloud storage systems?

Cloud storage systems are extremely popular nowadays and they are offering a great variety of functions to its users which are making these platforms functional and convenient. Many people can easily see the advantages of using cloud storage services over conventional USB flash drives. Yet, this somewhat outdated device can prove to be helpful in many situations as well and it is a good idea to still have a couple of them at home.

This article will give you some ideas about the situations in which this device can actually be more efficient than our favourite cloud storage systems.

USB flash drives and safety of your files

On the one hand, cloud storage systems seem to be a way safer than USB flash drives. Yet, in the reality there are many possible scenarios which can happen to this storage and bring you some trouble.

First of all, the majority of cloud storage systems with a large memory capacity are paid. It is even worse when a cloud storage system gets its place on the market as a free service and with time starts requiring subscription. In such a case, you have either to immediately pay for the services, or rapidly download a ton of information you have been stored on the cloud in order not to lose it. Such situations are actually common and you also need to stay up-to-date with all of the changes in the policy of your cloud system which itself might be challenging.

Secondly, cloud systems, despite of all of their security systems, are themselves third-party services and, on top of that, as a rule they are using third-party servers for their storage. These facts create some space for probable data loss from your storage which you certainly want to avoid.

Finally, whether you are using a service for storying your photos on cloud or you are saving all of your favourite music on a special platform, you might face a situation in which the service simply goes bankrupt for some reason and is not available to users anymore.

As you can imagine, despite of all of its seemingly old-fashioned design, USB flash drives allow you to have more control over your files and they are certainly a better choice of storing collections of files such as for instance, your favourite music or films.

USB flash drives do not rely on the Internet

Undeniably, one of the greatest advantages of USB flash drives is the fact they can work without access to the Internet.

Certainly, this fact means they do not offer you a possibility of a file exchange between devices and systems and will also not let you to synchronise the information. Definitely, it will not allow you to use many fantastic functions available to the users of could storage systems.

At the same time, when it comes to a situation when you cannot use Internet, even the best cloud storage systems are absolutely useless. A simple example is living in the area or travelling to a destination with a poor Internet connection. Whether you want to have a collection of films to watch during a weekend in such a place or you are planning to finish some work, having a USB flash drive will be extremely helpful for you.

Furthermore, you will be especially grateful carrying a flash drive with films, music or any other information you would like to use during your vacation abroad. Needless to say, in some places of the world Internet is rather expensive, in others it is scarce whereas there are also locations with a rather poor signal which might set your connection to the roaming mode which can drain your budget with the speed of the light. Having some necessary information on your flash drive can be of a great help.

Demonstrating your files to other people

In some situations, it will be easier for you to use a flash drive for showing some files to other people rather than reaching your cloud storage account and a specific folder in it, especially if you need to do it quickly, under stress and on the computer which does not belong to you.

The best example of such a situation is showing your portfolio to a potential employer. This can be done easily if you have your USB flash drive with such information.