What is Arturia Easel V?

Have you ever heard about Arturia Easel V? If this is your first encounter with this amazing emulator of a classic synthesiser, you certainly should learn more about it and explore its possibilities.

Why should you check software versions of retro synthesisers?

As the time moved on, the whole heat of the classic synthesizers remained the same in fact quite in demand. There is still a vast amount of producers and musicians looking for those classic synthesizers like early Minimoog, Moog Modular, Arp 2600, Prophet V, Yamaha CS80 and others. Not only are they out of production now but also if you are looking for a vintage musical instrument to purchase, you will hardly find it even if you are ready to get a second hand one.

In case if you find one, you have to put extra effort and time to fine tune and bring it back to life or you can get a new one from the manufacturer which  is quite expensive! Highly expensive! If you still can get your hands on one of them, you are on the way or possess one of the iconic synthesisers of all time! If you cannot get one of them, the best deal is to get into a software version of those synthesisers. This is where Arturia comes in and shakes the whole musician/producers community like no other!

The Arturia’s impact on the market of musical instruments

Arturia is a France-based company manufacturing various hardware and software synthesisers. One of the breakthroughs they made was the release of a package containing a number of emulators of classic synthesisers like Minimoog Model D, Moog Modular, Yamaha CS80, Roland Jupiter 8 and Sequential Circuit Prophet V. With this, Artruia has made a crazy noise in the hood and gained huge popularity. This was the perfect time for developing such emulators when the genre like Synthwave was still on the rise and coming on the music scene. Lot of synthwave artist like Com Truise, Perturbator uses Arturia’s products.

Arturia has subsequently added various other top-notch synthesisers to their collection pack. One of the unusual ones was released in 2017, when Arturia launched Easel V. Easel V is the emulation of the iconic Buchla Easel semi-modular synthesizer. This was a mind-blowing addition to their collection. You can find a lot of information about the general look and some of its components online, so feel free to check the resources on this amazing musical instrument. In our next article, we are going to get deeper into the intricacies of the design of this Arturia’s emulator.